Suitable for Local or Remote Monitoring Of Engine Condition.

MetalAlert Metal Particle Detector

Monitors Build-Up of Metal Particles on Sensing Grid

The MetalAlert® controller monitors the resistance across the metal sensor with two interposed circuits. At the onset of a failure, metal particles are deposited on the sensor which increases the resistance. When a preset resistance is reached, the Controller can activate an alarm or shutdown the engine or equipment.


Green Light – No Metal On Grid Red Light – Metal On Grid

Engine Controller Front
Engine Controller Back

• Universal 12/24 volts d.c.
• Rotary Control Off – On – Reset
• DIN Standard Case 72 mm
• Relay Outlets NC / COM / NO
• Status Lights
• Can Be Integrated with Existing Systems

Terminal Connections
1- Battery +24 vdc
2- Battery +12 vdc
3- Relay NC
4- Relay COM
5- Relay NO
6- Detector
7- Detector
8- Battery – neg
9- Sensitivity Level

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