Improves Predictive Maintenance Through Wear Debris Analysis.

MetalAlert Metal Particle Detector
Oil Analyzer

MetalAlert – Metal Particle Detector.

Continuous Oil Analysis 24/7

MetalAlert® – Metal Particle Detector is an extremely simple device for real time oil analysis, engine protection, planned and predictive maintenance programmes. The Detector has  no moving parts. It is compact in design, the body is corrosion resistant stainless steel with Viton® seals.  

Designed primarily for installation on marine and industrial engines over 250 hp. detectors can be installed on any lubricated machinery including compressors, gearboxes, transmissions, hydraulic systems etc. Detectors are usually an “add on” to the existing engine protection / monitoring systems to immediately stop an engine at the first sign of excessive metal the engines lubricating oil.  This is the initial indication of a imminent  component failure.  Early detection limits the extent of the damage, reduces repair costs and equipment downtime.

Many OEMs are now installing Metal Particle Detectors such as Caterpillar, MAN, Ruston Diesels, Mirrlees on specific models and applications.

Because of the basic operational and physical design, with no calibration or tools required, installation can easily be performed by the vessels or onsite staff. 

Our Metal Particle Detector can detect all magnetic and non-magnetic particles such as aluminum, copper, iron, brass, babbitt, chrome etc. in lubricating oil and all non-conductive fluids.

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