Real Time Continuous Oil Analysis of Engine Oil For Metal Particles.

MetalAlert Metal Particle Detector
Engine Protection System

The Ultimate Engine Protection System

The Detector is installed in the oil system in a bypass mode, using hydraulic hoses.

Oil enters the top port, it then travels downwards through the perforated metal sensor containing the electrical grid.The fluid then exits through the bottom port and returns to the engine sump or oil reservoir. Normal wear particles pass through the perforations of the sensor grid which consists of two interposed circuits. When larger or a greater amount of metal particles are on the two interposed circuits, the gap is bridged and the circuit is complete. By connecting the detector to our MetalAlert® Controller, an alarm or shutdown can be immediately activated.

Our Metal Particle Detector will detector all magnetic and non-magnetic particles such as aluminum, copper, iron, brass, babbitt, chrome etc. in lubricating oil and all non-conductive fluids.

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