Can be Serviced without Stopping the Engine or Equipment. 

MetalAlert Metal Particle Detector

No Calibration Required

A Metal Particle Detector requires the minimum of maintenance and no calibration required. The detector consists of only 3 serviceable parts which include 2 Viton® O ring seals and 1 metal sensing grid. Periodic inspection should take place when the equipment is being serviced. By installing a valve in the supply line to the Detector, the unit can also be serviced and inspected without stopping the engine or equipment.

The 2 Viton® O rings seal do not require routine replacement unless damaged or hardened. The sensing grid should be inspected for signs of lacquering of residue buildup. This would interfere with the sensing grid’s ability to detect metal particles and complete the electrical circuit.

After cleaning the sensing grid, use a multimeter to test the sensors ability to complete a circuit. Lubricate the O ring, re-insert the sensing grid ensuring it is fully seated into the electrical connections inside the body of the Detector.

CAUTION: Prior to servicing or inspecting the Detector, make sure all electricity is disconnected from the detector. Ensure all process pressure is relieved from the detector’s sensing grid compartment BEFORE removing the end cap.

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